Quality control

Gangrong Medical's quality control system inherits 15 years of quality control experience of Lichuang testing agency, and is led by Lichuang's technical chief: National Chemical Engineer, Guangdong Metrology Association technical expert, Zhongshan City high-level talent Luo Zhihuan engineer is responsible for Gangrong Medical The entire quality management system of the company has cultivated an excellent quality inspection team.

Strict testing and control of the product quality of masks, such as the most critical test items, particle filtration rate test of KN95 masks, breathing resistance test, flame retardant test of textile fabrics, and ear string pull test, including in extreme high temperature and low temperature environments In the evaluation of the use effect of masks, the particulate filtering rate of masks is currently maintained at an average of more than 98%. At the same time, Gangrong Medical uses the same testing equipment as the relevant customs departments to ensure that the company's production quality and export distribution standard evaluation system reach a consistent level.

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